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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

01-28-2012 and 01-29-2012 Fishing Trips Lake Carmi + Carry Bay

Lake Carmi fishing trip on Saturday with Justin ,Cheech and his 5 year old son ... And of course Kayla . The day started off slow , and yes it continued to be extremely slow . We got Maybe 30 between us , But the Excitement was watching cheech's son Chase flags , Got to be around Noon and I get called over for Lunch Cheech had prepared Venison Sausage Sandwich , And Some marinated Goose and Duck meat what a great lunch , So we get back to the Launch and this older lady pulls up got any fish for sale , Mr Softy I sent kayla over with the Bucket she gives the Lady our fish and my Favorite Scoop , That ended the Day ......
So Sunday we decided to go to Carry Bay for the Day the whole Gang was there Fishhounds Jamie was there and his Client Jim and Bobby and Dylan and Dave AKA Gofish , and Scott and the rest of the Gang , Was on my way out my poor girls anything that we try to do together bad luck The Nanook TC Cover get sucked under shanty guess what the Cord Ripped There goes that 50.00 Cover Darn it . Anyway to get on with the Fishing it started slow , But changed over to these Jigs I bought from Kevin Bratner Fish frys oh My hold on Holly and I filled well over 3/4 of a pale of a 6 gallon bucket , What a great day it turned out to be . It was Nice having holly fishing with me was her 1st trip out Since Collin was born , Nema which is Amy watched Collin so Holly could go out . I love having both my Girls with me , Can't wait to have Collin join us he will start early . Just like my girls did . It was a great weekend Love you girls it was fun

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