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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Well it was time to hit Lake Carmi Again

It is that time of year I know I have not posted alot or anything recently , Very Excited this year picked up quite a few New things to add to the Ice Adventure this year First was the TC Scout Last Spring and the Nanook TC and at the Sportsman Show Last weekend I decided I needed another Single So I bought the Jason Mitchell Pro  what a Nice Shanty , Not that the other ones aren't . I decided at the Beginning this year I wanted a New Auger So I bought the Strikemaster Lite II 4 Stroke what a Nice Quiet smooth piece that is , Then instead of staying with no Spinning reels I went with some New Fenwick Ultra Tech Ice rods 25 inch Ultra Lights how Nice those are , Then I saw Some Team Northlander Combos 29 Inch Ulta lights have not really got a chance to try them yet , And then While I was at the Show I needed to find me a rod Locker so I got the Ice Armor Rod Locker so that will protect my Investments , and then I got the Ice Armor Bag for the Vexilar that is so nice too cause you can put all of your stuff in it all your Tackle . Also decided to break down and get myself and Kayla out Ice Armor the blue Suits which is a nice addition to us .


  1. Greetings from Finland! We are always wondering here in Finland why do Americans always use so long rod with spinning (or trolling) reel when they ice fish.

    We use rods like that in ice fishing only if we are trying to catch bigger than about 500 grams fishes. Are you always trying to catch only big fishes?

  2. This rod is only 36 inches and it is a True Ultra light pole with a Small spinning reel right there we were fishing 34 foot of water , When she caught this she might have been a foot off the Bottom this Rod is very Lightweight it is called a Riversider , They are awesome for light bite fish