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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clam Fish Trap Nanook Thermal Cover / Fish Trap Scout Thermal Cover

Well I think I have to say I can't wait till Ice fishing this year , I picked up these 2 Shantys last week , So excited Picked up the Clam Fish Trap Nanook TC and the Clam Fish Trap Scout TC The Nanook is the double and I wanted a single for the days I only go out , and I picked up a Scout TC . Thanks to James for working with me , Now I just need to upgrade MY FL-18 for a 20 or another 22HD But the 18 works great ... I just can't see the money difference right now in a head exchange . Although I might  who knows

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sandbar Swamp

Well Last night 04-22-11 Wasn't there 5 minutes and wasn't paying much attention looked out and could not find my Bobber , Oh my fish on !!!!!!! With my new Okuma I was in heaven , well for a little while until my Line got caught up in the Reel bale and used it like a fly rod , Got the Salmon close to shore and guess what saw me and went the opposite way Snap there it goes no drag what the hang , My 1st fish with my new rod and I lossed it . Oh well going to try again today :) don't hurt to try ... LOL

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Arrival Okuma

Well just got my recent purchase in Got My Okuma Conniseurs in yesterday very nice rods they call them noodle rods I guess they are Steelhead rods but Going to use them for walleye and Crappie , they are quite long 9 foot , I forgot to order reels with them , So for Now I put some small Micro reels on them . With some 4lb Flouro Carbon line cant wait to give them a try who knows maybe after work

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well My Review on the Vexilar FL-22 HD

Well another great weekend on Lake Carmi with My 2 Daughters Holly and Kayla and my friend Justin , Was great Holly got to go which was real nice plus she Caught her 1st Walleye through the Ice , Was small but she also got to catch some Huge perch , Which was so good to have her join us , kayla also got to catch her 1st Bass through the Ice which she was so Excited about , Also caught some Jumbo perch , Was nice to have both Daughters with me , Well now onto the Vexilar New 22 HD The 10 foot instead of the 20 foot range what a difference , Can use much more of the Screen , I also used the 12 Foot Zoom since I was fishing in 24-28 foot of water ,The Target seperation is amazing , I also tried it off the Zoom mode full screen mode , That was nice also but used to fishing with my FL-18 I really am spoiled with the Zoom I use that even in Shallow water I also played with the Tri - Cone 20 degree 12 degree and  9 degree , That was kind of cool this thing is amazing very Sensitive for gain wise , I normally run my 18 on maybe 3 to 4 , This was just barely on , Caught my jig , Sensitive is there , Crisp Display also , I can't wait to fish over it this Summer in my Kayak who knows maybe get a small boat would be nice too , But it is so nice .

Friday, April 1, 2011

Its a little late but better late then Never Vexilar FL-22HD

My New toy I hope to use it tomorrow , So excited to give this a try , Not that it really is going to be any better then my FL-12 or the FL-18 . But I had to give it a try .... Going to Lake Carmi this weekend to try it out . Yahoo will let you know how I like the 1st day of fishing with it