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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

01-30-2012 Day off

Well I should have been fishing instead, did the Chores around the house and decided to do the stuff I needed to get done to my New Clam Fish house Jason Mitchell Pro Thermal Ended up putting the New Cross Country Ski's on the bottom of it , I think there should be runners on them I looked at the Bottom it had only been out like 3 times and some of the gouges that were on there were pretty bad , But I also put my mounts in for my heater , Made the brackets that was a test of my patients that is for sure getting the right angle the right length works great , Thanks to Dave AKA Gofish for the Cross Country Ski's . I have a Dome light LED that I need to still install that a friend Fran gave me . The LED Lights are so Nice and bright .... Gosh I love this Ice Fishing

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