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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fishing WIth Kayla,Scott,Tina,Charlie,Cal 01-30-11

Well met up with the Gang today , And it was kinda slow But not for Scott he whooped it up . Which was cool , It was a slow day Only got one Keeper Crappie today some good sunfish but nothing to really to write home about . All in all it was a great day my Daughter and great friends what else can you ask for , Even Fishercat came out and picked up 4 Keeper crappie , Was a good time got a Nice Cover for My Shanty to keep the snow out thanks Scott , That is Awesome

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fishing with Scott,Charlie,Cal 01-28-2011

Well today was a wonderful day , Texted scott to see how he did yesterday and I guess it was real slow , So he asked if I wanted to hook up with the group was Like Hell Yeah , So I got there met Scott we went out and met Charlie and Cal . Was kind of Slow but the Nicest fish and the Most I have ever caught it was so amazing , Crappie were huge and Blue gill were descent , And the Sunfish were Huge , What a wonderful day I had . Thanks very much guys for letting me tag along it was so amazing really can't wait to really get into them . Would not leave my Vexilar home or my Dave Genz Fish house Clam Shanty or my Little Buddy heater ,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I like! The Great Outdoors

Well as you can see here on the blog is Dockside it is a Awesome store located in Colchester off from Raymond road with Ben being the owner , He is a great guy alot of knowledge in the Store , and Super prices . I also have recently got hooked into the panfishing towards the end of last year , Mike Fishercat took me out and oh yeah it is amazing , Yeah I'm hooked Crappie,Sunfish,Bluegill amazing stuff . I went out and bought the Hummingbird Ice 45 Flasher fish finder , This last summer I sold that , And this Fall I picked up a Vexilar FL-12 with the Tri cone on it , That thing is amazing . And I picked up a another Vexilar FL-18 with the 12 degree cone and I use the Riversiders with the Micro Ice reels , And of course I have a Dave Genz Clam Guide Series fish house , And  use the Strikemaster Mag Ice Auger , Vermont Sportsmans Forum is also one on my Favorite places to hang out , Scott has put alot of time in on this forum and we are trying to get more Active members it is free that is the nice thing , Share your Stories or share your success , Share what works for you Mostly all the Skilled Panfish guys hang out there , There is some other great Anglers from walleye to bass and Northern it is all what we like Outdoors , Talk Camping , Its is great here is a link to the Forum Don't be afraid to sign up and be active