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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 3rd Dillenbeck VTSportsman Derby

I pre fished on Friday with my daughter Kayla , And we saw quite a few people out doing the same thing we did with the wind being so strong and talking to Ricky and the rest of the gang we did not see much for Fish . And with the forecast not being the best and me coming down with a cold ,Kayla and I got up around 6 am and brought our great friends at Dockside a Coffee , When I was there Bens dad Bill was running the store and he had quite the Bait rush of people while I was trying to give him the Coffee so I decided to help him , And then we decided to head up and give the Guys a hand setting up I did not plan on spending the day I was not feeling the best , But we helped them get all setup and brought justin a few beverages and tow him from spot to spot he would call , It was nice to meet all the New people Dan and the Nathan , and a few others . There was a gut that came wanted to see what Vexilars do gave him a little talk and showed him the differences He was wondering about poles and what to use showed him that too Talked a little about Technique not all that good at that yet , Can sure put the sunfish and the bluegill and perch in but Not alot of Crappie like some . But thats fine I am very happy with my Progress Kayla is going to turn into a Crappie Assassin I think I finally got to her . And after we both have tried them and how good the fish are we are on it . The Tournament day started slow Big Sunfish started the Tourney and the people started to move round and round and then I officially got to meet Jeremiah I hope that is how I spell his name , Oh my is that Guy hooked and a smart fisherman , Amazing what you can learn .... Very Nice to meet such a great guy , The Tourney was coming to a end Big Crappie everywhere the word was out . Was pretty cool to see the move of everyone . In the End it was a Good bout . Congrats to all the Winners and all who fished it was a rough day . But it all turned out in the end . Was a great day and I had a ball towing Everyone in on my Wheeler , and I even took my Cover off my Shanty cause most of the people did not have there covers so I would use mine . It was a good time

After the Last 3 years Ice Fishing for them !!!! Sunfish /Bluegill

Well after the Last 3 years Ice Fishing for them giving them away , or this year we did sell a few . Kayla decided she wanted to try them , What a great Idea she had , Had to go over to Dockside Outdoors to get a couple fillet Knives and the kids got a Couple shirts Ben you are the Best Person ever ...Well I started to fillet them then I came up with something to flower them in , Oh my are then Gosh are these things super good , Perch Yuck compared to these . So very good , I will never look at them the Same again . I want some of those Hub Capper  Sunnies . Amazing how they taste and not that hard to clean either .... So excited lets go get some More