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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lake Carmi Trip with Justin 03-27-11

Was asked by Justin if I wanted to take a trip to Lake Carmi for Some perch really haven't targeted them since I started Crappie,Sunfish,Bluegill fishing . But I said what the hang , Glad I did hog perch , When I say Hog perch 14 inch over a pound , I had 35 fish and I had over 3/4 of a 6 Gallon Pail. It was amazing perch taking drag from 25 foot of water , I have to say that hooked me for that . What a blast ... Thanks for asking me to go it was just so amazing I wish kayla would have went she would have had the time of her life Cause I know I did . And Yes Dockside Bait is what they Ate

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sad day has come,Thanks to Dockside Outdoors Ben too

 Well I hate to admit it I truly do it is One Sad day ...Would like to also thank my Buddy Ben that owns Dockside Outdoors for putting up with me for another year of my wants and needs , and all the support . To think that Ice Fishing for the 2010-2011 season is over , I truly am sad , I finally got my Vexilars got quite a bit of use out of them was alot of fun this year , I got Hooked up with Scott , James,and Jason this year and I learned quite a bit but truly not enough , Sat there by James on Friday and fished , Was not a very productive day for me anyway , But was for some that I did not notice till he locked his keys into his truck , James had 12 Nice Crappie and some Nice seeds and gills Dam I was like seriously , He was using his Jamie rigs and they sure did the trick . So glad I made all kinds of new friends this year and saw friends I have not seen in years , It was a great day on the Thursday and Friday was real slow too but I got to fish with some of the greatest fisherman on the Ice . That are well respected by others for this great panfish Stuff . I truly want to say Thank you for letting me fish with you all . It was truly amazing the things I learned but not clearly enough , I hope to come back with some good knowledge next year ... But Now onto Spring fishing ... Still going to target those crappies for now out of the Kayak , Until or maybe get a boat of some kind ... LOL

Monday, March 14, 2011

03-11-11 Fishing Trip to Lake X

Well Got called on Thursday from Scott asked if I would like to head South to Fish with Tina , Scott , James I was so Excited that they even asked me to go , We were going to fish Shoreham but it did not happen lake was like Chocolate Milk , So Decided to head to one of James Spots Want to talk about amazing that was some Awesome Fishing . You want to have the time of your life . Trust me you won't regret it . It was awesome Huge Perch and some really Nice Crappie ... So much fun Thanks again to Scott , Tina and James for the Invite had the Time of my life . Thanks again really

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vermont Sportsman Hardwater Series at Dillenbeck March 5th 2011

Well March is here , Really fast it approached . Hope this month brings us what we have been waiting for all Season The Big Fish to come in ..... Going to try to Pre Fish tomorrow although did me no good the week before lol . Don't forget to stop to Dockside for all your Hunting and Fishing needs.... He has Caty jigs and lots of others , He also has the Riversides , Ice Blues ,