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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vermont Sportsman Hardwater Series at Larabees in Shoreham

Well got there on Thursday and went to check out access and look around to see what it was like , And then Friday Morning went out to do a little Pre Fishing and I just couldn't believe the small Perch . And the weather was very Blustery and cold Snowing so bad was happy we got off the Ice ... Anyway couldn't sleep the night before thinking I did not get to explore this lake Bay as I wanted to atleast find some descent fish ... Was up all night tossing and turning was around 430am said to Kayla ok lets go , So we got down to help , Turned out to be a wonderful day weather wise ..... Kayla helped Jamie,Mellisa,Scott ,Tina ,Brock,Not sure of his wifes name But they treated kayla real well... Which was awesome she had such a good time she just loves them. Did not get on the fish I was hoping to but there was some Nice crappie caught .... Which was Awesome I did wear My Dockside Appearel all day so Did Kayla ... Kayla helped with Kids Clinic she had such great things about things about that ........She was so happy she had to Thank me for Taking her all the way home .. Told her I appreciate it but not to Thank me I should be thanking you for so much help

Thursday, February 24, 2011

02-24-2011 Larabees Tournament Weekend /Thanks to Dockside Ben

Well the day is coming upon us getting pretty nervous , Not sure why !!!! But I hope it is a good Bite weekend .But will be Flying the Dockside Colors on Friday During prefish and on Saturday , Thanks to Ben for the Magic bait , That means Dockside Bait is what they Ate ... Kayla is tagging along she is going to help with what she can and really would like to help with the kids clinic she is so good with kids of all ages and I have to admit she can catch fish ;) Just don't tell her I said that lol . One thing I can say is that I have to Thank My Family for dealing with my Obsessions Once I get a Like it turns into a Obsession instead of just doing it , Has to be done right and with the right equipment .My Wife just hates it cause I get stuck on it till some thing else ... I love her for standing by my side , Takes a Hell of a good women to put up with me ..... I love you Amy Sue ... Not that she will ever read this , But I have awesome Children too  Cause they do all that with me what else can I ask for ??? Not Much ...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Larabees Hardwater Tournament February 26th

Well the time is getting near .... And I'm getting a little Nervous never fished that part of the lake , Never been down there at all . Not sure whether I will just help out , Or will I put the Hat on and go for it . I like to help with the Tournament , and the Kids Clinic would be fun to Help James out . That would be fun .... We will see . I think I'm going to take Pikeslayer with me ...... AKA Kayla .... Spending the Night with my Cousin April and her Boyfriend Toby and kids , So that makes it nice want to pre fish on friday .... Yahoo Headed down on Thursday night

Monday, February 21, 2011


Well stopped by Dockside Outdoors to see Ben and to give him his Coffee , And Whaknstak AKA Lance was there and he wanted to go Fishing , So took him out to Dillenbach with me and we caught a Few but extremely Slow , But had a good time 1st time fishing with him this year . Hope it picks up soon

Sandbar 02-19-11

Well I took the Girls out Pike Fishing Yesterday , Should have known it was not going to be good when I backed the Wheeler off the truck Went through the Snow and Got Stuck then started down to the Ice Jet sled tips over and Bait falls out of bucket and Water , Start to head out and 4 Wheeler falls through in about 6 inchs of water for 80 yards then fell through again for another 40 yards . Got to the Hill Billy Hotel and the tip ups are all water and Froze ,Went to go start Auger to make holes Dam throttle is Froze from all the water , Bring that in and Unfreeze it , Dam kids are looking like Wow what a day so far .... Then went out to check on wheeler Tried to Move it it Frozen Would not move ,Had to Chip all the Ice out of Rims and Around Drive axles , Got it to Move ,Then Whaknstak shows up hes going to try to move Shanty out to walleye grounds went out to help him Kept falling through My Back hurts pretty bad Sore , Then went back to check on my Girls they had a Tip up but Flag Never went up , Had most of line on Spool , And they pulled it back and the Fish broke off , So we get off the Ice Safely , My 4 Wheeler is up at my Neighbors in Heated garage thawing out ... And it was so Cold out there Yesterday with the Wind and all in all we got back to Truck and We lost our Cover to our New Bait Bucket we bought Last year a real nice one Dam Luck Went back to Find it couldn't find it Dam it.But thanks to Northernightmare for the Use of the HillBilly Hotel

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Island Derby is Close

The Island derby is near , Not Fishing in it but I wish everyone luck that is . So looking Forward to Seeing the Snow getting off the Ice . Really is putting a damper in the remaining weeks left . Not Sure what I will do after the Ice goes , I so enjoy every bit of Ice Fishing I truly do so Much Fun and the Challenge for those Crappies . It is so Nice .

Monday, February 7, 2011

Navionics Hot Maps Chip Voucher Raffle

Navionics Hot maps chip voucher raffle

Hi folks, Our good friends at Navionics have kindly donated a Voucher for choice of Navionics SD Chip Valued at up to $250.00 

We have decided to Raffle it off on the forum.
  • All of the proceeds to Help with our Kids clinics.
  • Tickets will be $10.00 each.
  • We are only going to sell 30 tickets.
  • Tickets are first come first serve.
  • We will draw as soon as all 30 tickets are sold.
  • For more info about the Navionics SD Chips. Go to

If you would like to purchase a Raffle Ticket Please post below, Your name, contact info and how many tickets you want. If you want to keep your info private please pm a moderator your request.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fishing 02-04-11

Well went out fishing to Dillenbach Bay today with Fishercat and The bite was extremely slow , Was real bad but Kayla wants to go out and try to get some Northern tomorrow Her tooth Critters . She loves that Pike Stuff , Hope she catches a few !!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Announcement: Larrabees point Tourney flyer / kids clinic

FEBRUARY 26, 2011 6:30 AM TO 3:00 PM
Tournament Rules
• It will be an individual event.
• The species will be 3 Crappies and 3 Sunfish
• Prizes for overall heaviest combined weight.
• There will also be a prize awarded for heaviest fish (contestant must have their heaviest fish marked with a jig in the lips when coming up to weigh in)
• All fish must be kept in a bucket with water. NO frozen or discolored fish will be accepted.
• This event will see an 80% payout of all registration fees. 10% will go to running cost and 10% will be donated.
• Boundaries will be from point to point and marked with orange cones
• Everyone must get a ticket stub at the sign in table, for door prizes prior to launch
• Everyone will start at the designated launch point and form a single file line (first come first serve order) by 5:45 am sharp. We will do a brief rules meeting and shanty inspection
• Walkers will be let go @ 6:00am sharp.
• ATV’S and Snow machines will be let go @ 6:10am sharp.
• Start time is 6:30am.end time is 3:00pm. After the field is cut loose everyone can drill holes and set up but cannot put a line in the water until 6:30am.
• Weigh in will be at 3:15pm. Awards ceremony and door prizes to follow.
• The use of ATV’s and snow machines will be at the discretion of the tournament directors. In the event that ice conditions will not support these vehicles it will become a walking event.
Tickets can be purchased for $30.00 onsite or in advance at / Tom’s Bait / Lakeshore Ace / Norm’s Bait
For more info call Scott @ 802-324-1897 or go to

Vermont Sportsman Hard Water Tournament Series
WHEN: FEB. 26, 2011 / 10:00AM TO NOON
• Pro fisherman from across the ice belt will teach the basic steps of the modern ice fishing system, including ice safety, Knot tying, how to use electronics and then ultimately take the kids fishing.
• Free Hot lunch will be available for Kids only
• After lunch we will have a drawing for prizes
• These clinics are an excellent way to introduce youngsters to the sport of fishing and a perfect opportunity for families that want to enjoy some of the outdoor recreational activities that New England has to offer
• No pre-registration is necessary for the clinic.
• All poles and equipment will be provided, Please dress warm.
For more info call Fish Hound @ 802-855-0082 or