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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vermont Sportsman Hardwater Series at Larabees in Shoreham

Well got there on Thursday and went to check out access and look around to see what it was like , And then Friday Morning went out to do a little Pre Fishing and I just couldn't believe the small Perch . And the weather was very Blustery and cold Snowing so bad was happy we got off the Ice ... Anyway couldn't sleep the night before thinking I did not get to explore this lake Bay as I wanted to atleast find some descent fish ... Was up all night tossing and turning was around 430am said to Kayla ok lets go , So we got down to help , Turned out to be a wonderful day weather wise ..... Kayla helped Jamie,Mellisa,Scott ,Tina ,Brock,Not sure of his wifes name But they treated kayla real well... Which was awesome she had such a good time she just loves them. Did not get on the fish I was hoping to but there was some Nice crappie caught .... Which was Awesome I did wear My Dockside Appearel all day so Did Kayla ... Kayla helped with Kids Clinic she had such great things about things about that ........She was so happy she had to Thank me for Taking her all the way home .. Told her I appreciate it but not to Thank me I should be thanking you for so much help

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