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Monday, February 21, 2011

Sandbar 02-19-11

Well I took the Girls out Pike Fishing Yesterday , Should have known it was not going to be good when I backed the Wheeler off the truck Went through the Snow and Got Stuck then started down to the Ice Jet sled tips over and Bait falls out of bucket and Water , Start to head out and 4 Wheeler falls through in about 6 inchs of water for 80 yards then fell through again for another 40 yards . Got to the Hill Billy Hotel and the tip ups are all water and Froze ,Went to go start Auger to make holes Dam throttle is Froze from all the water , Bring that in and Unfreeze it , Dam kids are looking like Wow what a day so far .... Then went out to check on wheeler Tried to Move it it Frozen Would not move ,Had to Chip all the Ice out of Rims and Around Drive axles , Got it to Move ,Then Whaknstak shows up hes going to try to move Shanty out to walleye grounds went out to help him Kept falling through My Back hurts pretty bad Sore , Then went back to check on my Girls they had a Tip up but Flag Never went up , Had most of line on Spool , And they pulled it back and the Fish broke off , So we get off the Ice Safely , My 4 Wheeler is up at my Neighbors in Heated garage thawing out ... And it was so Cold out there Yesterday with the Wind and all in all we got back to Truck and We lost our Cover to our New Bait Bucket we bought Last year a real nice one Dam Luck Went back to Find it couldn't find it Dam it.But thanks to Northernightmare for the Use of the HillBilly Hotel

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