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Thursday, February 24, 2011

02-24-2011 Larabees Tournament Weekend /Thanks to Dockside Ben

Well the day is coming upon us getting pretty nervous , Not sure why !!!! But I hope it is a good Bite weekend .But will be Flying the Dockside Colors on Friday During prefish and on Saturday , Thanks to Ben for the Magic bait , That means Dockside Bait is what they Ate ... Kayla is tagging along she is going to help with what she can and really would like to help with the kids clinic she is so good with kids of all ages and I have to admit she can catch fish ;) Just don't tell her I said that lol . One thing I can say is that I have to Thank My Family for dealing with my Obsessions Once I get a Like it turns into a Obsession instead of just doing it , Has to be done right and with the right equipment .My Wife just hates it cause I get stuck on it till some thing else ... I love her for standing by my side , Takes a Hell of a good women to put up with me ..... I love you Amy Sue ... Not that she will ever read this , But I have awesome Children too  Cause they do all that with me what else can I ask for ??? Not Much ...

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