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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well My Review on the Vexilar FL-22 HD

Well another great weekend on Lake Carmi with My 2 Daughters Holly and Kayla and my friend Justin , Was great Holly got to go which was real nice plus she Caught her 1st Walleye through the Ice , Was small but she also got to catch some Huge perch , Which was so good to have her join us , kayla also got to catch her 1st Bass through the Ice which she was so Excited about , Also caught some Jumbo perch , Was nice to have both Daughters with me , Well now onto the Vexilar New 22 HD The 10 foot instead of the 20 foot range what a difference , Can use much more of the Screen , I also used the 12 Foot Zoom since I was fishing in 24-28 foot of water ,The Target seperation is amazing , I also tried it off the Zoom mode full screen mode , That was nice also but used to fishing with my FL-18 I really am spoiled with the Zoom I use that even in Shallow water I also played with the Tri - Cone 20 degree 12 degree and  9 degree , That was kind of cool this thing is amazing very Sensitive for gain wise , I normally run my 18 on maybe 3 to 4 , This was just barely on , Caught my jig , Sensitive is there , Crisp Display also , I can't wait to fish over it this Summer in my Kayak who knows maybe get a small boat would be nice too , But it is so nice .

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