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Friday, April 22, 2011

Sandbar Swamp

Well Last night 04-22-11 Wasn't there 5 minutes and wasn't paying much attention looked out and could not find my Bobber , Oh my fish on !!!!!!! With my new Okuma I was in heaven , well for a little while until my Line got caught up in the Reel bale and used it like a fly rod , Got the Salmon close to shore and guess what saw me and went the opposite way Snap there it goes no drag what the hang , My 1st fish with my new rod and I lossed it . Oh well going to try again today :) don't hurt to try ... LOL


  1. Whoops...too much line or cheap line?

  2. Was not the cheap stuff its the flourocarbon stuff. Ben has$ 17.00 for 200 yards