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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

After the Last 3 years Ice Fishing for them !!!! Sunfish /Bluegill

Well after the Last 3 years Ice Fishing for them giving them away , or this year we did sell a few . Kayla decided she wanted to try them , What a great Idea she had , Had to go over to Dockside Outdoors to get a couple fillet Knives and the kids got a Couple shirts Ben you are the Best Person ever ...Well I started to fillet them then I came up with something to flower them in , Oh my are then Gosh are these things super good , Perch Yuck compared to these . So very good , I will never look at them the Same again . I want some of those Hub Capper  Sunnies . Amazing how they taste and not that hard to clean either .... So excited lets go get some More

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