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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Well its official I'm Hooked

Well on Sunday I figured I would like to take the Girls to Green Mountain Troutfitters in Jeffersonville , From the website I was excited to see the store , well we got there and I walked in no Hello , Some guy was fiddling with the register , I walked buy him still no hello , I know my kids are going to say really your going to say this again , I was truly Disappointed . I had been looking at the website for a while and decided they had some good prices on the Combos he had . And there was no combos too look at .... I was some Sad .....:(  Well yesterday I took the two girls that I love with all of my heart , Decided to go to The Fly Rod Shop in Stowe , I can tell you this they were more then Helpful I wanted really a 5 WT and they did not have one but they had a 4WT that I fell in love with but no reel So I asked about putting one of the combo reels on this rod Sure he says for the same price absolutely , You will never guess where I will be shopping for my Fly Fishing stuff ... It was so nice Now I have a New Ross Fly Rod , Some New Gadgets , Some New Waders the light weight ones . Kayla bought her dad a New Nice Backpack with water bladder , And to put my Flies in So Excited I can't say good enough things about the they are very helpful

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