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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sad day has come,Thanks to Dockside Outdoors Ben too

 Well I hate to admit it I truly do it is One Sad day ...Would like to also thank my Buddy Ben that owns Dockside Outdoors for putting up with me for another year of my wants and needs , and all the support . To think that Ice Fishing for the 2010-2011 season is over , I truly am sad , I finally got my Vexilars got quite a bit of use out of them was alot of fun this year , I got Hooked up with Scott , James,and Jason this year and I learned quite a bit but truly not enough , Sat there by James on Friday and fished , Was not a very productive day for me anyway , But was for some that I did not notice till he locked his keys into his truck , James had 12 Nice Crappie and some Nice seeds and gills Dam I was like seriously , He was using his Jamie rigs and they sure did the trick . So glad I made all kinds of new friends this year and saw friends I have not seen in years , It was a great day on the Thursday and Friday was real slow too but I got to fish with some of the greatest fisherman on the Ice . That are well respected by others for this great panfish Stuff . I truly want to say Thank you for letting me fish with you all . It was truly amazing the things I learned but not clearly enough , I hope to come back with some good knowledge next year ... But Now onto Spring fishing ... Still going to target those crappies for now out of the Kayak , Until or maybe get a boat of some kind ... LOL

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